Alan Wight


Alan Wight

October 15, 2017 Alan committed suicide. He did it just blocks from my house.  Alan was, no IS my best friend.  He struggled for many years with depression and never thought he was good enough for anyone.  Alan was my partner in crime.  I spent many hours with him talking about movies, games and so much more.  We had a ton of dumb games we played that we made up, but we had a ton of games we played that we bought.  I played RPGs, Warhammer 40K, board games, and video games with him.  He was someone that pushed me to make something fun to interact with people.  He was always so much fun to be around and livened a room.  I can't say enough good about this amazing man. 

Alan enjoyed spending time with me in public, as we were the best and worst together.  He also pushed me to keep this library going.  It could have been a one time thing and I was done.  But he saw how happy people were playing the games and how happy I was telling people about the games and their histories. 

As a homage to this wonderful human I will name all characters in my character videos after him.  I would ask that all of you out there reach out to your friends and loved ones to make sure they don't lose a battle like Alan did. 


-David Carnahan  Chief Librarian