Nap time is OVER!

It took a bit longer than anticipated to get this together. “Reality” wanted some attention.

I know I am missing some data, but here is what I have proof happened.

31 games hosted.

131 players played RPG’s.

5 games didn’t happen. 3 of those were “early” games.

Paranoia and Be Gay Do Crimes were our top performers. Not hard when the games are shorter and silly.

Cleric Games ran Adventurer’s League D & D for us. I do not have numbers for them yet. I think it is pretty close to ours.

I have received 12 books post PAX, look for a video in the next week or so. We also have a chance to go through someones collection and pull out stuff we don’t already have. Exciting!

Next up is SHUX in Vancouver BC. We are only bringing a small sample of games, plus any that we need to bring to support scheduled game runs. Stay tuned for signups!