ECCC 2018

This last year has been crazy!  We have grown from a collection that showed up to fill in some space at ECCC 2017 to a library that went to 7 events last year to  ECCC being the third event of 2018.  We have gotten tons of donations and they keep coming.  we have gone from about 450 books and about 10 systems to 1100 books and nearly 100 systems.

More than double the books! Ten fold increase in systems!  This is amazing.  I can't do it without you folk out there.  WIth that...  I am going to put a call out for donations.  We need cash for shelves, books, and transportation.  We also need GMs.  If you know someone that can run a game for an event let me know.  Lastly we always need more books!  I just put up a want list for the library.  It is no way all encompassing but it is a good start of core systems.


Please look for us at events and we will be at ECCC in room 208.