ECCC 2018

This last year has been crazy!  We have grown from a collection that showed up to fill in some space at ECCC 2017 to a library that went to 7 events last year to  ECCC being the third event of 2018.  We have gotten tons of donations and they keep coming.  we have gone from about 450 books and about 10 systems to 1100 books and nearly 100 systems.

More than double the books! Ten fold increase in systems!  This is amazing.  I can't do it without you folk out there.  WIth that...  I am going to put a call out for donations.  We need cash for shelves, books, and transportation.  We also need GMs.  If you know someone that can run a game for an event let me know.  Lastly we always need more books!  I just put up a want list for the library.  It is no way all encompassing but it is a good start of core systems.


Please look for us at events and we will be at ECCC in room 208.

Go Fund Me

So I was fired from my job after taking time off for the library.  All pre-approved time off.  I worked a 12 hour shift the day after PAX West.  I then got sick, more from exhaustion then from anything else.  I was let go over my lack of dedication.  Well we need help from other.  I look forward to meeting more people  at more events, but to do so we need to cover costs for gear, travel, and some bills we inured starting the library.  Our hope was to cover most of this while working but we have been put in a situation where we need the assistance of other. 

PAX West 2017 Wrap up.

PAX West was insane! We met many new friends and had a bunch of old faces stop by as well.  We crunched the numbers and tallied the games played. We were stunned! The library hosted 100 RPGs over PAX West this weekend. 100 games! Can you fathom that!?  With an average game having 5 players that means 500 people got to play games. We had a few games that only had 3 players but we had games with 8+ at times.  Then you think that we have not put the GMs in these numbers and now we are at 600... Okay 597 since I ran three games myself. We had as many people come through our library and play games as many local game conventions get in a weekend.   

 We also got more donations, some in cash, some via Patreon, and some in book or Box form.  I have a ton of work to do to get the library catalog updated and need to start the video portion of projects soon.  

 I am at my day job now and need to get back to work, but I hope I can quit that and take this Library to more places and provide more content for everyone.  Let's keep Gaming and keep spreading the word.

Growing pains.

So Geek and Sundry did a story on us.  With that we discovered that we need a better solution to the database.  We hit out bandwidth limit in a single day. So while trying to get everything strait for PAX West like updating library and coordinating all the GMs for the weekend.  I now have to solve technical issues.  Well I will take this on as well!

I hope with the added eyes we can get some traffic to our Patreon page as well.

We have finished...

... Kind of.  We are done with the initial bulk of cataloging.  I know so exciting.  I just spent the last 24 hours without sleep making sure this got done.  The last few hours were spent yelling at a database trying to get it to play nice with the website.  It is working well at the moment.  Once we get our non-profit status Maybe we will be able to add pictures to this as well.

I hope you have fun and game on.

We have to start somewhere.

Holy cow, Have you ever gotten an idea and it balloons? Well, that is how this started. Helping set up a convention we might have had an extra space and I pitched the idea of a Classic RPG Library. Well everyone loved it, and other event organizers at the show saw it and asked me to bring it to their show. With that, I had something on my hands that was bigger than I knew what to do with.  I have gotten books in donation from some great people and picked up some books from some local bookstores all to beef up my collection.  Now it sits with about 60 different titles and hundreds of books.  We are working on upcoming content to on YouTube and even on this spot here.  If you want to help us out you can hit us up on Pateron